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Since day one, as mothers and daughters, we've worked tirelessly to make a product that will help our customer's hair and body effectively but 100% naturally.


The idea came from when one of my daughter's scalp was swarmed by dandruff and hair loss. There was constant itching and no sleep for her or me as her mother. We went from product to product to product. But they seemed to need fixing. I tried again, shaving off her hair, hoping the dandruff would fall out with the old coat and her scalp would grow new, healthy, and strong hair. Nope. Finally, I decided to seek medical help, yet nothing we tried to resolve my daughter's problem completely. All right, I said to myself. I bought more products than my cabinets could spare. I also asked a doctor for help; what would I do? Fine. If you can't find the light, be it. (As they say). But in my case, it's more like if I can't find the product, make it. So that's exactly what my daughters and I did. At last, we made an oil. After a while of hope and patience, my daughter's itching, dandruff-covered scalp was permanently replaced by strong, beautiful, and massive hair. I was filled with a feeling that words couldn’t describe.

After my experience with my daughter's hair, I wanted to help others with similar problems, so I continued making more oil that eliminates dandruff and provides hair growth. But I am not just stopping there; I create new products that give our customers a hydrated, healthy, and clean scalp. As well as providing bodies a smooth finished look with our personalized body scrub. Messede Care values non-harmful and natural plant-based ingredients, unity towards all hair and skin types, and sophisticated hair cures. We hope our products make a difference in your hair journey.“Remember, caring for your body and hair IS beauty."

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